The Old Police Station

Mount Barker has an incredibly rich historical heritage consolidated in our amazing old police station museum complex, making this a must see tourist attraction. Located just north of town on Albany  Highway, the Old Police Station Museum is open weekends and Public holidays 10am to 2pm or by appointment.


The original Old Police Station built was by convict labour in 1868. The mid 1880s saw the horse stables divided off as a lockup and a Court House office was added in 1919.Surrounded by magnificent lawns and gardens, the Plantagenet Historical Society opened the Cottage as a museum in 1968 , furnishing it with artefacts donated by residents of the Shire.
The Old Police Station was occupied until 1908 when a new police station was constructed next door.
In 1971 the Pioneer Room was built to display more artefacts, in 1985 and 1987 the cottage and stables were restored and in 1994 the Napier Creek one-teacher school was moved to the museum. In 1997 the second Police Station and Court Room were acquired.
Other building include a reconstructed 1870s house built of hand split wooden slabs and a complete apple picking shed has been assembled in honour of that industry's historical contribution and his and her "thunder boxes".


Police duties included having a change of horses ready for the mail coach which operated from Albany to Perth. They also patrolled as far as Esperance (more than 400 kilometres) on horseback and other duties included census, weather reporting and mail deliveries.

Visiting The Museum

Arriving at the museum complex, visitors will be greeted with a range of main and out buildings all nested in beautiful landscaped gardens, with structures festooned in gorgeous and colourful creepers with delicate and aromatic flowers in season, giving very much a yesteryear village like experience.
Anyone visiting the museum complex, especially those with an interest in historical heritage should set aside a few hours. There is an incredible range of historical artefacts, information and images spread through numerous buildings.
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Last updated 21/10/2018
Opening Times: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am to 2pm.
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