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Porongurup - a Range of Attractions

A picturesque 15 minute drive east of Mt Barker brings you to the unique Porongurup Range.

More than 1100 million years have passed since the formation of this distinctive landform. As the climate changed and the forests retracted, the deep red soils, high rainfall and towering granite peaks became host to the majestic karri trees, with their understorey of flowers and shrubs.

Rising abruptly from the surrounding farmland, this spectacular forest island is rich in rugged beauty, unique plant life and abundant fauna.

Birdwatchers and photographers revel in the 78 species of birdlife, from majestic Wedge tailed eagles to small scarlet robins and the electric blue plumage of the splendid fairy wrens.

Botanists and wildflower enthusiasts from around the globe are lured to the Porongurups to capture the beauty of over 700 species of flowering plants, some of which are rare, endemic or endangered.

Whilst most animals, such as possums, bandicoots and antechinuses are nocturnal, western grey kangaroos and brushtail wallabies can be seen amongst the lush undergrowth that provides a home for monitor lizards, skinks and racehorse goannas.

There are many walk trails to lead you into this fascinating, diverse habitat.

Take in the spectacular views of Devil's Slide, Marmabup Rock, Nancy and Hayward Peaks. Cross the range along the Wansborough Walk, or marvel at Balancing Rock.

There is a wide range of facilities at Porongurup, including boutique wineries, craft outlets and studios, tearooms and accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets.

In March each year, you are welcome to join the festival held by the local community offering wine, food , entertainment, stalls and country hospitality.



Stirling Range - Mountains of Mystery

In the words of John Septimus Roe in 1835, who named the Range after Captain James Stirling, the first Governor of Western Australia -

'The Stirling Range burst on our view in great magnificence as we rounded the crest ... the whole extent of the conical summits were spread before us.'

The splendour of the Stirling Range National Park, one of the few true rugged mountain ranges in Western Australia, is unsurpassed, yet is easily accessible for cars and caravans.

In close proximity to the south coast, the Stirling Range and its surrounding area experience a mild climate. Sunny summer days are cooled by an evening breeze.

The Stirling Range is one of the world's most spectacular wildflower areas with approximately 1525 species of plants, of which 87 are found nowhere else in the world.

A total of 160 bird species are recorded in the area.

Majestic Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in the Range, reaching 1095 metres above sea level.



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Balancing Rock

A Porongurup Walk Trail

Bluff Knoll

Stirling Range from Talyuberup Peak

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