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Mt Barker - an ideal touring base

Mt Barker is ideally situated as a base for touring an area of amazing diversity, stunning beauty and rugged grandeur.

Rocky Gully

Rocky Gully is a tiny township, situated on the edge of State forest which is home to a diverse range of beautiful and rare wildflowers - an interesting spot for those who wish to simply enjoy 'the bush'. The only town on Muirs Highway within the Shire of Plantagenet, Rocky Gully is located in attractive, undulating, fertile country, just 65 km west of Mt Barker.


Located just 15 km north of Mt Barker, Kendenup boasts an interesting history. Originally purchased in 1840 as a sheep station, a later sale in 1920 saw the birth of the townsite and a settlement scheme involving small holdings growing fruit and vegetables.

Frankland River Valley

One of WA's best kept secrets, featuring rolling hills, rich and productive farming land, natural forest and bush abounding with unique native wildflowers. The Frankland River Valley is home to some of Australia's award-winning wineries, renowned for their fresh and fruity whites and full-bodied reds.


A short 3 km detour along Great Southern Highway from its junction with Albany Highway, Cranbrook is a rich sheep, wool and grain producing area. Visit historic buildings and interesting landscape features ... and, of course, the Stirling Range National Park is just 10 km from town.


Located just 15 km south of Mt Baker is the vibrant little village of Narrikup. Here you will find the historic Narrikup General Store and Kalangadoo Cafe as well as wineries and farmstay accommodation. Narrikup is a great area for nature lovers to discover wildflowers as well as a large variety of native birds. 

The Great Southern triangle

Mt Barker is situated at the top of a tourism triangle, with Denmark and Albany its bottom corners. Linked by an excellent road system, day trips to both are a breeze.


Beautiful Albany, just 30 minutes south of Mt Barker, was the site of the first settlement in Western Australia. Visit its heritage buildings and allow plenty of time to explore Whaleworld, the last whaling station to operate in Australia and now a world-class visitor attraction. Cool off on its pristine beaches and be awed by its rugged granite cliffs. Enjoy the wealth of cultural activities and recreational facilities which this major regional centre has to offer.


Just 53 km from Mt Barker, Denmark has a unique blend of stunning natural attractions, including the tranquil Denmark River, expansive Wilson Inlet, magnificent beaches and coastline, including famed Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks, enchanting Karri forest. Man-made attractions include the famous Tree Top Walk, wineries, and art and craft galleries.

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The Natural Bridge, Albany

Old Penny Post Building, Albany

Tree Top Walk, Denmark

Greens Pool, Denmark

Mount Barker WA - Southern Ranges and Wine Country
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