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Businesses and Organisations

If you run a business (that is not an Accommodation facility, Cafe' / Restaurant or Vineyard/Winery) or an organisation you are invited to become a Sponsor or Full Member and experience the benefit of advertising and promotion on our website and Facebook page.

Please support these businesses that support the Mount Barker Visitor Centre.  


 Rotary Club of Mount Barker, WA Inc.  



Rotary is a non-profit service organisation. Please join us if you would like make a difference in this community.

 Meets :  First and Third Tuesdays of each month at the Top Pub – 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm        Address :  PO Box 5 MOUNT BARKER, WA 6324
 Phone : 0428 881 531                      Email :
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  WARRIE Shearers / Workers Clothes and Products - Mount Barker

Located in Mount Barker, Warrie Shearing Products was established in 1983 by Warren (Warrie) and Val Hambley.

For more than thirty years, Warrie Shearing Products have been servicing domestic and international clients with their range of Shearers working and casual clothing and a range of back care products and accessories, including the famous "WARRIE " BACK-AID.

Home to the famous "WARRIE " 999 SHEET X and the "WARRIE " BACK-JACK.

 OPEN : Monday to Friday - 08:30 am - 05:00 pm                         Address : 4 Lowood Road, MOUNT BARKER, WA
 Phone : 08 9851 1475                     Facsimile : 08 9851 1811                               Email : 
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  PROFESSIONALS - Mount Barker (T/A Great Southern Realty & Rentals)

The Professionals (Great Southern Realty & Rentals) welcome you to Mount Barker.

We are situated in the middle of town at the IGA Centre. Come in and have a chat with us regarding any of your real estate needs.

Our team has a vast wealth of knowledge of the properties that are for sale in the Great Southern. Harry Griffiths (Licensee) has been in real estate for 45 years and is locally known as “The Land Man” due to his experience over the years in the district (second to none).

Lynette Fabio, our Property Manager, has 25 years of area experience and is extremely efficient in managing several properties. Tracey Smith, a new addition to our team, can help you with both property management and sales enquiries.

Have you ever thought of investing in property? Mount Barker is great value for buying housing at the moment and we have a long waiting list of very good tenants waiting for a rental home to become available. If the Federal Government caps superannuation – what a great investment to make buying one or more Mount Barker rental properties and having our team take all the worry and hassles away by managing your property for you.

Team Members:

Harry Griffiths – Licensee – 0418 512 400
Wendy Griffiths – Administrator – 0419 995 383
Lynette Fabio – Property Management (rentals) – 0419 250 105
Tracey Smith -  Property Management and General Enquiries – 0448 550 105

 OPEN :                                                        Address : 4 Lowood Road, MOUNT  BARKER, WA
 Monday to Friday - 09:00 am - 05:00 pm     |       Saturday - 09:00 am - 12:00 am        |      After Hours - By appointment
 Phone : 08 9851 2525                    Mobile : 0419 995 383                   Facsimile : 08 9851 2522                 Email : 
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Busy Blue Bus

Experience Albany and the Great Southern on a half or full day tour.  
* Tastes of the Great Southern - Saturdays 9.30am - 4pm
* Porongurup Climb, Dine & Rewind - Sundays 9.30am - 4pm
* Albany History & Highlights - Monday and Wednesday 9am - 12.30pm
* Albany's Whale Story - Wednesday and Friday 1.30pm - 5pm

We'll show you more of Albany and the Great Southern when you explore with Busy Blue Bus.  Bookings can be made on our website, or call us!

 OPEN : Monday to Friday - 09:00 am - 05:00 pm                        Address : 13 Chevalier Street, ALBANY, WA
 Phone : 08 9842 2133 / 0418 414 425                      Email :    
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 Poornarti Aboriginal Tours

Delivering customisable tours with Aboriginal Elders, throughout the Great Southern region of W.A.

 OPEN : 24 hours                         Address : 4 Berridge Street, DENMARK, WA
 Phone : 0415 840 216                      Email :  
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