Rocky Gully is the only town situated on Muirs Highway
in the Shire of Plantagenet and is located in attractive
undulating fertile country just 65kms west of Mt Barker.
The town is situated on the edge of a state forest, which
itself is home to a diverse range of beautiful and rare
wildflowers...certainly an interesting spot for those who
wish to observe and enjoy 'the bush'.

In the year 1911 an early surveyor, Flint, and his party
carved their names into a now historical stump which
can be viewed at the old bridge site just east of the Muirs Bridge.

Rocky Gully was established as a result of a war service
land settlement scheme in 1949 and was carved from virgin bush
by some 60 settlers and a large number of government employees.
These residents spent their early years living in a tent town
until land was cleared and permanent accommodation developed.
The area boasts a diverse range of agricultural industries such
as fat lambs, baby beef, wool, timber, canola, cereal crops, tree farming
and several fine vineyards which produce award winning wines.